Glass Animals Heat Waves

Glass Animals - Heat Waves (Official Video)

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Glass Animals - Heat Waves (Official Video)

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road shimmer
wiggling the vision
heat heat waves
i’m swimming in a mirror

sometimes, all i think about is you
late nights in the middle of june
heat waves been faking me out
can’t make you happier now

usually i put
something on tv
so we never think
about you and me

but today i see
our reflections
clearly in hollywood
laying on the screen

you just need a better life than this
you need something I can never give
fake water all across the road
it’s gone now the night has come but

you can’t fight it
you can’t breathe
you say something so loving but
now I’ve got to let you go
you’ll be better off in someone new
i don’t wanna be alone
you know it hurts me too

you look so broken when you cry
one more and then i’ll say goodbye

i just wonder what you’re dreaming of
when you sleep and smile so comfortable
i just wish that I could give you that
that look that’s perfectly unsad

sometimes, all i think about is you
late nights in the middle of june
heat waves been faking me out
heat waves been faking me out

Music video by Glass Animals performing Heat Waves. © 2020 Wolf Tone Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited